Monday, September 10, 2012



Did you know that the Union army returned two trunks of Lee's personal papers, back to the Lee family, after the war?

Well, historians sure knew, and wanted to get their hands on those papers -- including slave ledgers -- but no one was allowed to even see them up close, for 150 years.

The historians assumed -- stupidly  it turns out -- that Lee's papers would just confirm what a great guy he was: anti slavery, kind,  brave, loyal to his country and wife,  and with tender concern for he well being of his "servants"

Uh, not so much.

Then the  Lee family let one -- ONE -- person study them:  Elizabeth Pryor.  She would not dare show us one page of his ledgers, nor show one comment to his bounty hunters, to or from them.

But she wrote a very very careful book about those dirty letters, the slave ledgers, the bounty hunter reports -- and never even described them in a candid way.

And  no wonder -- if she wrote "Lee's slave ledgers"   even stupid people would go "Oh, let's see them".

Instead Pryor wrote the innocuous "monthly account books"  and did not make it clear in that page, what amazing info she got from those "account books".

She was able to learn what price Lee paid for which slave, where he sold the slaves, which bounty hunter he paid.   She gave us a few amazing details, but did not scare you to death. 



There is no debate, or question, that Lee ordered soldiers to capture free women, in the North, on his invasion of the North. No one even thought much of it.

Harper's Weekly reported the capture of hundreds of free blacks, living in the North, by Lee's army. They were taken South, and sold.

But how does this come down, in history? 

Entirely white washed. Lee's hands -- and  name -- not even near any article about it.

Even more, they try to make it seem like "slaves" were rounded up. FUCK NO.   They were free blacks. Anyone they could find that was black, or close to black.

And -- they were SOLD. S O L D. They were taken South, and send to slave auctions.  Furthermore, Lee did much the same thing before the Civil War, using his own bounty hunters, per his own hand written slave ledgers. 

  At the time, it was matter of factly spoke of in terms of Lee's army.  And people know about cattle drives of blacks, at least people in the South did. 

No one reported that "escaped slaves" were rounded  up. That shit was added later.

And Lee's name removed.  So by the time it gets to us, if you hear the story at all, you will think "Confederates"  were going after escaped slaves. FUCK NO.

Typical -- very typical way to remove the harsh reality of who did what.   And remember, no one went "Oh my GOD Lee ordered the round up of hundreds of free blacks -- I thought he was against slavery".  

People knew the kind of shit slave owners did. 

You don't know it, but cattle drives of humans -- called 

But what you never heard at all (if you heard about Lee orders to soldiers to capture free blacks in the North) is that Lee did the same thing before the war -- using bounty hunters.
1000 ways to say he tortured girls, bought kidnapped girls, and was obsessed with slave GIRLS

The big problem today, we are fed this horseshit that some slave owners were kind, noble, even caring men. Bull shit.

And worse, we use Lee as an example of one of the better slave owners.  Bullshit.  He was one of the worst. 

Pryor even tells us that Lee's slaves said he was "the worst man we ever saw".

Think of that. Think real hard.  Pryor didn't tell us the context of that remark -- was it in a letter about rapes, tortures, sale of children?  

No way to tell. And Pryor made damn sure we had no way to tell.

But at least she said something about it.  No one else even dared do 1/10 of that much.


Turns out, Lee wrote dirty letters, meaning sexually explicit letters, FOR DECADES.  Pryor is not about to show the letters, she presents everything in an exceedingly careful way.

He also kept slave ledgers -- Pryor is not about to call them "slave ledgers" --she calls them "monthly account books".   Had she shown one page, we would know 100 times what she volunteered to us, in her careful way.  And Pryor could gather copious information from those slave ledgers-- who he bought, who he sold, who he rented out.

Name by name, she had that information in her hand.  She knew the highest prices he paid for escaped slaves -- and she knew how much he paid for "others.".  Pryor refers to the women Lee bought from bounty hunters as "others"  when she very deftly writes about bounty hunters catching run away slaves in the North.  They also brought back "others".

And oh, by the way, technically, she says, Lee might have "broken the law".  Pryor is comical, sometimes. In this case, she has Lee be the victim. Lee "failed to fill out time time consuming paperwork" concerning these "others".

What the fuck paperwork does she think even existed to grab "others".  There was no paperwork and she knew that. But she had to say something, as you will see.

If you don't know slave plantations were vile places, get the fuck off this blog.  And Lee was more cruel -- not less cruel -- than others.

Pryor does mention that Lee would "separate"  family members.  WTF -- why not say what that means?  It means, in blunt terms, Lee sold the mother, or sold the child.  Family memember?  She is well aware that slaves did not know who their father was, because often, the father was a white man.

It could  only be Lee sold or rented out the mother, or the child.  She could tell us -- she had to know, to write what she did write. She had to know something happened, to say "separated family members".

And she sure as hell did not make it clear. Like everything, she wrote it in a way to NOT make it clear. To KEEP the reader stupid. 

But no one else even hinted that Lee wrote to assorted women, for DECADES, and would make sexual references.  

No one even hinted Lee bought kidnapped women.  


Orwellian Bullshit.